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Eli and Rebecca Almo

Joel and Maureen Benoliel

Sarah Zaides-Rosen

Sound Archives of the National Library of Israel: Call Number YC-281

Hazzan Ike Azose

After years of intensive labor and research, Hazzan Isaac “Ike” Azose produced the first ever Siddur according to the tradition of the Rhodes and Turkish communities of Seattle, Washington: The Zehut Yosef Siddur was released in 2002 and was immediately embraced by the two Sephardic Synagogues in Seattle. Zehut Yosef has become the worldwide standard for Ladino Sephardic Siddurim.

Hazzan Azose has given our community a gift that can never be repaid. He has endlessly and selflessly labored to preserve hundreds of liturgical tunes and every nuance of our beloved Sephardic traditions and melodies. He has served our greater Sephardic community with enthusiasm, devotion, and love, and for this and so much more we are eternally grateful. Hazak U Baruch Hazzan Azose! Learn more about Hazzan Azose here.

Gabriel Zuckerberg for his research and documentation of Romaniote liturgy